the Stone compiles the best of W&L student work. We ask for work that students are proud of and would want other students to see, narrow down submissions to those of the highest quality and with the most interesting content, then publish the work here on our site and once each spring in a physical journal. 

Both the website and the print publication revolve around exceptional student work from various disciplines—neuroscience, history, geology, journalism, religion, art, music, economics… The only specification is that the work informs the way people perceive themselves and the world around them, and that it encourages a reader to think differently (more broadly or more deeply) about a discipline or subject. We welcome undergraduate creativity and forms of writing and inquiry beyond the standard essay, including stories, photo essays, and blog posts.

The Stone is now accepting submissions for Winter Term 2018. 


This project is the brainchild/labor of love of several seniors who realized that for all the different types of intelligence we have at W&L, occasionally we lack the channels to interact with those types of intelligence and learn from them. Though the Stone will evolve over time, we hope the Stone always demonstrates the unique spirit of our student body and shows the possibilities of intellectual life and imagination. 

(photography: field and mountain, Ryan Johnson. overlapping branches, treetops, window, back campus snow, sculpture, sleeping friend, and cobweb: Sarah Helms. stone logos, Amanda Shilling.)