A fact is never just a fact when it shifts the way someone sees something. A picture is not just a document of a visible moment. It includes all of the time and space that came before it and all of the time that it takes up when you experience it again.

I became a part of the Stone because within this space of all our different perspectives on the world, informed by all our various niches in academia, is the presence of terrifyingly diverse knowledge that all of us can learn from. I want to know why you're an expert in something, and what that means to you. I want know how your worldview is shaped by the things that you've learned. These little acts of grabbing knowledge facilitate the subtle growth of a common understanding.

Because in the end, don't we all want to learn a little and have this experience mean something? We cannot ever get time back, so why waste it on keeping your well-informed passions hidden in the depths of your laptop?

I am a psychology major and a studio art minor and constantly balance between the subjective and the objective. People see art as subjective, when in reality drawing something the way that it actually looks requires you to remove yourself from the equation; you don't draw something the way you think it should be drawn, only the way in which it actually is. Sometimes that means not even looking at your paper. You look straight at the object, in real life, while moving your pencil. Just because you can't see your paper doesn't necessarily mean you don't know where you are going.

And with that...I look forward to seeing what you decide to share with us.


"Ibex" by Davis Bateman