“Alright, Rico, listen. Um, there’s an ancient Italian maxim that roughly translates to, ‘He who is resistant to change is destined to perish.’ So, why don’t you try to open up that mind of yours. You know?” - Dave from the 2007 film, Hot Rod

Surely, you say, a film like Hot Rod is not of the sort to be referenced within the setting of an academic journal. Call me unconventional (or worse), but I have my reasons: the first is that the maxim (regardless of whether it is truly ancient or Italian, and it is doubtful that it is either) is clearly spot on; the second is that it demonstrates the fact that stellar insights can arise from unlikely scenarios. I firmly believe that both a healthy skepticism toward one’s own beliefs and an openness to receiving inspiring insights in even the most unsuspecting of circumstances are paramount to a truly meaningful education. I view the Stone as a vehicle for encouraging members of our academic community to engage diligently and respectfully in a discourse that ultimately helps each of us to be brought further along in our pursuit of truth, even (and, perhaps, especially) if said discourse helps us to glean wisdom from the tackiest of films. 


(photo by Davis Bateman)