Hello from the new staff. The seniors recruited us at the end of fall term/early winter term this year, and we helped edit submissions for the website, offered input for print journal design, and handled new budget allocations. Our design team, led by Alice Kilduff (also including Hannah Falchuk, Zoe Stein, and Catherine Ahmad), fully designed the final print publication that came out this May, while the 2014-2015 staff helped us edit the proofs and finished up the website. Click each name to learn a little bit about us. 

Danielle Hughson

Mansie Hough

Alice Kilduff

Dana Gary

Zoe Stein

Giles Geddes

Taylor Lee

Hannah Falchuk

Catherine Ahmad

Thomas Barnett

Stephanie Chung

"Carnival," top of page, by Anna Russell Thornton. "Book Up" by Charlie Zachariades.