New Zealand, New Furniture

Tanner Waggoner


Thanks to the generosity of alumni through the Geology Department, thirteen other students and myself were fortunate enough to travel to New Zealand this past spring term for a fee of only $500. We spent four weeks in the southern hemisphere, touring the North and South Island in two vans led by Professor Connors and Professor Mitchell. The trip was awe-inspiring to anyone who has an affinity for travelling. New Zealand's unique geologic conditions makes it the most eclectic landscape in the world. We'd go from walking inside the caldera of an active volcano during lab one day, to climbing our way to study glaciers in the Southern Alps. 

This fall, I was fortunate enough to work with Professor Stene in Sculpture I. From the start, I knew I wanted to preserve the memory of last spring and revolve my final project around New Zealand. With Professor Stene's help, I crafted the components to the table, carving out shapes of the North and South Island from maple plywood to serve as the top, and welded together curved pieces of rebar to make legs for the table. The legs were then fit into a chunk of limestone rock taken from Woods Creek as the finishing touch. 

Once completed, I decided to give the table to the Geology Department as a way of saying thanks. There seems to be a culture of giving back at W&L, as a a student of the Geology Department, I realize the opportunities that alumni and professors have given us are second to none. 

by Tanner Waggoner


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