I'm not really the editor-in-chief anymore. The "old staff," all seniors, saw the potential and need for a journal like this, made the Stone happen, graduatedand now we pass it off to a new staff. It's freeing to let go, but also a little sad because this was an amazingly creative thing to be a part of. I'll miss reading and learning from student work, having this excuse to be curious about so many people, and having fun throwing weird URLs and photos into this website (I almost gave a hint here, but on second thought I'd rather it be a surprise if you find them). 

My earlier post on this page began, "Ernest Hemingway said, 'The shortest answer is doing the thing,' Mumford and Sons says, 'Love with urgency and not with haste,' and lately I've said, 'You don't know 'til you know and that's how knowing works.' Wherever those three quotes meet is the Stone for me."

Then I spoke to the benefits of an interdisciplinary web/print journala competitive place to publish student work, greater transparency between intellectual capacities, and a new space on campus for the people that fit into something like the Stone. However, part of the "Letter to the Editor" that I wrote for the publication is what I really mean to say: 

...the Stone also gives students an opportunity to publish their work. But far before that, the Stone is a chance to be more curious about the people we're around, to have curiosity not only about the work itself, but the student, the strange and different mind behind the work.

That is my hope, and in that way, this small publication at a small school would be helpful enough. 

Much care,

(photo of back campus by Sarah Helms)

"DANGER! DO NOT ROCK SEAT" by Anna Russell Thornton